• How bookmakers work: what you need to know

  • Watching sporting events is very interesting and fascinating. But even more intrigue becomes if you bet on this or that event. This is where bookmakers come to help.


    Newcomers do not fully understand the principle of their work and the essence of activity. We will try to explain.

    How sports betting is accepted


    Betting is done through bookmaker's offices. And a lot of great bookmakers work online. It is enough to have a smartphone or a computer to go to https://22bet.com/ and make an interesting bet. This makes the fate of the sporting event even more intriguing.


    The office, through which users (bettors) make bets, allows not only to take part in the betting itself, but is also responsible for the payment of winnings, is engaged in the calculation of odds.


    The bookmakers' website has large lists of events on which you can bet.


    A list of events with their possible outcomes and odds is called a line. It is the office that compiles these lines. Then the players, gaining access to them, can make various bets.


    How bookmakers work


    It is a mistake to think that bookmakers are interested in specific players losing or winning. For them it is important that bets are placed on different possible outcomes of the same event.


    Let's take a soccer match as an example. It can end in a draw, a win by one team or the other. These are at least 3 different events. For the bookmaker it is important that between these 3 events there is a balance in terms of betting. The best option is when a third of all bets are on each of the 3 possible events.


    To obtain this balance, the bookmaker adjusts the attractiveness of the outcomes. This is where the odds come to the rescue. It is clear that a bet on the favorite is always more probable in terms of winning. Therefore, the odds on his victory will be lower.


    By betting on different outcomes, the bookmaker gets his share of the profits. And all the rest of the money is distributed to those who made the right bet.


    The point is simple. By betting on an event with a certain odds, provided that the bet plays, the bettor receives an amount equal to his bet, multiplied by the odds. For example, the bet is $100, and the odds are 3.5. Then the payout will be $350. That is, $250 net profit.


    So bookmakers do not cheat, but only provide an opportunity to make watching a sporting event even more interesting, and even win money.